Thursday, July 24, 2008

A List of What's to Come

I'll be going out of town to look at colleges this weekend, so no updates until Sunday. For that reason, I'm going to spend today's update explaining the plans I have for this blog and what you can expect to see in the near future.

Firstly, I will be doing a series of entries with 20 or so 2008 albums per post that I have listened to and graded. The grades and a few sentences explaining my grade will be posted with each album. That way, I should be able to at least get my opinions of new albums out there. This list will include links to full reviews I've written earlier this year, and I also plan to expand some of the short comments into full reviews once I get caught up.

I also will be posting a list of tours I recommend every once and a while. I've posted some information on tours in the past, and would like to do more of that. I spend a lot of time deciding which concerts to attend, and being able to share some of the analysis of each tour I've kicked around inside my head. The tours will be anything from traveling festivals to small club tours from genres ranging from underground hip-hop to indie to metal.

Finally, I have more lists that I plan on posting, although I may be experimenting with either a video or audio blog format on some of these. I really can't say what will become of it, but I'd like to try something new every now and then and see if I can get some guest critics to appear on camera with me. There is also a chance of a monthly podcast coming in the future, but I'm not entirely when/if that will become a reality.

That's it for today, but definitely not it for my blog. Starting Monday, I'll have grades of nearly 200 album (yes, 200) albums from 2008 to post. I also have added a section on the right side of the blog for albums released this year that have received either an A or A- from me. If you're looking for a list of what I consider to best albums of the year so far, then well, there it is. As always, thanks for reading, and check back on Sunday for the next update.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait! This is going to be awesome, and it'll give me something to do.